WHITE TIGER 11X14 Seven Layer 3D Wooden Design, Hand Painted, Sapphire Resin Eyes in a Shadow Box Frame, for Custom Colors Contact Seller

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WHITE TIGER 11X14 SEVEN LAYER 3D WOODEN DESIGN, HAND PAINTED, WITH SAPPHIRE RESIN IN THE EYES, IN A SHADOW BOX FRAME, FOR CUSTOM COLOR PALETTE CONTACT SELLER WITHIN 12 HOURS OF PURCHASE BY MESSAGE OR CALL (843)360-4224. IF NO CALL WITHIN 12 HOURS OF PURCHASE WE WILL USE THE COLORS AS SHOWN. Each piece is handmade and unique, no two are identical, Artist's signature on back. Our Process for making your special piece of art: We spend time setting your design in the laser cutting program, and cut each layer of wood individually. Each layer is then hand painted with human accuracy, custom mixed paints so no two are exactly identical unless you order them with exact colors at the same time then we will mix enough color to paint all at once. Then they are set to dry for 12-24 hours before the layers are individually glued together and set in shadow box frame. The individual layers of wood create a spectacular 3D effect and the shadow box where they are framed create magnificent depth of design. The cost of our products may be higher than others but attention to detail is important to us and therefore each item that leaves our Art Studio shows the quality as we do not mass produce anything.